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Core purpose of EPS:

Expanded polystyrene is used for a number of different purposes from insulation to packaging.

Key Benefits of EPS:

EPS is light and cost effective, it has brilliant absorption and compression properties but most importantly it is a great insulator. 

Technical Composition of the product:

All our block grade material is made with FSA Grade (fire resistant) materials which are designed to melt away from flames instead of igniting. Density of blocks made at our factory vary from 10kg/m3 up to 24kg/m3.

How blocks are made:

FSA grade eps raw material is expanded in a pre-expansion phase of manufacturing after which it settles in a hopper for 24hrs. After this expanded bead is put into the block mold where steam causes the beads to expand further and fuse together.

Examples & Usage
EPS Sheets
1.2m wide x 3m length
10mm-600mm thickness
EPS Blocks
0.6m Height x 1.2m Wide x 3m long.
16kg/m3 density as a standard.
Pipe Lagging and Insulation
Cut to customer specifications.
3m lengths, cut into various designs.
3m lengths, cut into various designs.
Shape Molded Products
Seedling Trays
200 cell and 242 cell trays.
Each tray is 680mm length x 380mm width x 55mm Height
EPS Cooler Boxes
We Currently make one size cooler box with outer dimensions of 580mm Length x 380mm width x 220mm Height
Decorative Cornices
6 x decorative cornice styles, each 1.5m in length.
EPS Beads
Bean Bag Filler
Bag sizes are 800mm height x 650mm width
Loose bead for filtration
Virgin bead available in sizes from 1mm-10mm dependent on customers requirements.

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